Sunday, June 4, 2017

Slept in a Hammock

So once again we don't really have much time to write as we have been really busy today, but things are going really good here.

This past week we went to Tarawaieta and it was great. We only spent 2 days out there but I got to sleep in a hammock so that was really fun. Elder Parry is working with Elder Hansen that just came over about a month ago from the Marshall Islands.  They are both doing well! It was fun seeing Elder Parry again and just being out in an outer island again.  I have to admit it was really hot biking around but it was good.

This week we will not be going anywhere but within the next month we will be heading out to Butaritari so that should be good.

I got my package!!  Thank you!!!  I opened it Sunday morning (on my Birthday) and it was really fun!  For my Birthday I bought myself a cake that said Tekeraoi ngai (good luck to me) and then the Elders at my house bought me another cake that said happy 120th anniversary so that was really sweet. I love cake.

So yep, July 10th is when I will be heading home!  I was pretty excited to stay longer but I guess it will be good to get back. I do love it here though. 

Have a great week!
Love Elder Dinsdale

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