Friday, July 31, 2015

Week 1 "Well, I'm here"!!!

Well, here I am! I am chilling in the laundry room where they have computers so people can write emails and such while doing their laundry so that is pretty cool I think. The first day they take us into class and the teacher starts speaking random stuff to us. After a little bit we figure out he is explaining one of the rules to us, that in class he only speaks Kiribati! He occasionally will speak other stuff to us in English every once in a while, but only if we really aren't getting any of it. Our teacher yesterday spoke a little more English to us but at the same time he said he is only here for that one day because he is going on vacation for two weeks! So looks like no more English for me. Umm... We are teaching our first discussion tonight in Kiribati, but no one in our district speaks any at all! We have seven of us in our district (maybe nine I don't really know) that are all learning Kiribati together and are all going to the same mission, so it is some pretty good stuff. My companions name is Elder Harrison and he is a pretty cool guy it seems. In our room we have Elder Harrison, Elder Hunter, Elder Darm and me that are going to Kiribati, and then we have two Elders going to Samoa and I have some trouble remembering their names. But everyone is cool and such so it is a good time. I don't know anyone else's email in the family so say hello to everyone for me if you will! We only have an hour every P-Day that we are supposed to be emailing so I think that will be enough time, but at the same time if too many people email me I will probably email you and a couple others but I don't know if I would have enough time to email a ton of people. Of course the only people who emailed me were Jesse and McKenna haha... So I got the package with my bubble wrap! Thanks! Ha yeah thank you for the camera and for the power converter. Good stuff! I will attempt to send more pictures next week once I actually have a couple more to send! We have been really busy doing tons of random stuff during the entire day, so I get tired during the day, but as I finish the day it ends up feeling like a good day. So that is good stuff! I have been enjoying the snacks you sent because I am used to eating a ton of little stuff throughout the day, but as I figure out more about the food here and how it works I keep eating more and more each meal! Which I am not sure is good... But it works! Well, I will talk to you later! Have a good week!
Elder Dinsdale