Wednesday, June 7, 2017

It's only January here!!

Hi mum!
Mauri! I nang kukurei bwa e reke ngkai au tai ni koroboki teutana n tamaroan te bong aio, ao imwaain N na waaki N na kamauringkami ni kabane, kam na bane ni mauri!

Well, I hope you liked my letter about my week last week (in Kiribati) I guess that is it from me today. Have a great week!

Just kidding this last week has been good!   We have been really busy.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I didn't teach a single lesson.  Not because of being out of it just because we have been busy doing other stuff!  We have been doing transfers with the mission president and we have had so many meetings that we just didn't have time to teach.  After that though we have been having more time to teach so that is good.

We got 5 new investigators last week so that was good!  Here in Kiribati most people will agree to have lessons if you chat enough with them and you ask in a good way.  It has been good.

So I gave most of those books that you sent to that lady that has the preschool and she was super grateful to have them.  She told me to tell you thanks for them!  Her preschool is going to be checked by the education today so it was perfect timing to get them to her before they are going to come to check her house.  I kept the star wars books and gave them to Kaiea (one of our recent converts) so that he can become a star wars fan. He always goes to the library and gets books to read so I figured he would really like them.  Now I am just trying to find someone who I should give the Dr. Seuss books to.  I gave the bracelets and some of the stickers to the primary president in our ward and she was excited.  A ton a little kids kept coming up to me and telling me how they like their bracelets.  They were pretty happy!

A couple of our investigators have been doing good!  Nei Nimwanoa wasn't really progressing, but the other day we talked about her baptismal date and she really wants to get baptized.  She came to church yesterday and she is really close to being ready to be baptized!  Her husband is still less active but we are working with him.  There are a couple less actives I have visited a bunch here, and I feel like one of them is really close to coming back to church.  I am pretty sure he hasn't been to church in many years but he looks like he is about to come back.  If he doesn't my last Sunday I am going to get him and wait for him till he gets ready and I will go with him to church.  That is my goal.  I know so many people here and I am going to try and help a bunch of them before I leave.  The time is short and I am really busy with other stuff, but I am for sure going to try. 

I liked the picture of Sarah with my countdown chain but I don’t understand why there are only a few chains.  It is only January here and I still have 7 months.  Haha  time is going way to fast here. 

So to answer some questions, when you get called to be a Zone leader or a District leader or an AP you don't get set apart by the laying on of hands.  You just get called and whenever the day comes that you are to be that you are it.  

Right now we are trying to plan another trip to go to an outer island, but it looks like we might only get to one more before my time ends.  Hopefully we will get to 2 if I am lucky but I am guessing only one.

Nei Teraimoa in my ward made me a way sweet lava-lava so that is cool. She has made me a bunch of cool stuff while I have been here.  I really should be trying to find everyone in the family cool gifts but I really haven't had much time to try and find stuff.  

Things are going really good here. I love being a missionary and doing this work.

Have a great week!
Elder Dinsdale

PS  You asked what I would miss about Kiribati.  I will miss everything but one thing is I will miss the breeze but also in Utah there isn't much humidity there so that should be nice.  An Elder just came back from America last week and he said he is just sweating so much here and he doesn't like it, and he is from Kiribati.  So it will be nice to not be sweating all day in America.  By the way Happy Birthday DAD!  I forgot to tell you last week but I hope you had a sweet party or at least you had some cake.  

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