Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Short and Sweet

Mauri mum,
This week has been great and we have had a decent amount of time to teach which is good.  We have also been really busy doing a bunch of other stuff, but it has been a really good week.  
Kianteiti (one of our recent converts) just got his oldest son who is super less active to come to church last Sunday!  So that is super sweet.  Hopefully little by little his kids and his wife will be able to join the church and go to the temple.
We have a new senior couple Elder and Sister Belens.  They are really cool.  We also have 2 additional senior couples coming in today which will help out a lot!!  I am sure they will be good.
There were 2 new Sister Missionaries that came in the other day but no new Elders.  They won’t be coming until July 27th.
We have a new mission office, (I don't know if I have told you that yet) and it is pretty sweet.  We don't have to ask to go into someone’s house to use the computer/mini office.  Now we have our own key and we can do our stuff whenever we need.
Not too many crazy stories this week that is sweet.
Elder Ellis and I head out to the Island Onotoa tomorrow!  I am pretty excited for that, my last outer island.  After that I will come back and just keep working till the end!
Well, have a great week!
Elder Dinsdale

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