Sunday, June 11, 2017

Making a gardern and lots of pictures!!!


I am doing really good out here this week.  I just love being a missionary!!   I didn't travel at all this last week and we won't for another week or two.  Our next trip will be to Onotoa on June 27th.   We go June 27th and we will be coming back July 1st.  That will probably be my last trip to an outer island for a long time.  I have heard it is pretty sweet though so I am excited.

One of our investigators just got interviewed for baptism and another should be interviewed this Saturday so I am pretty excited.  One of our recent converts Tenimarebu passed the sacrament for his first time yesterday so that was super sweet.  He is 13 but he looks like he is 7 or 8.  He is a super great kid though.  His mom got baptized with him and his dad is now active again in the church so that is pretty sweet.

Another cool story that happened this week has to do with a less active guy named Bainrebu.  He is super cool; he just doesn't come to church.  He joined the church a really long time ago, he went to school in Tonga before Moroni High School was made and he has been to a bunch of places around the world.  I remember visiting him in July of last year when I worked here and since November of when I started to work here again until now.  I always seem to be telling him to come to church. Well, he came yesterday!   He has been pretty inactive for the last 10 or more years, so it was super sweet to see him at church!

Last week for service we went and made a garden at this one member’s house.  We got some good dirt and put it in his garden and then we made a little rock wall to keep dirt from falling in it and after we put a fishing net all around it so kids won't get it.  It looked pretty sweet and it was really fun to do.

The next transfer has been finalized and so we announced it and it should be good.  All the Elders from my intake are coming in from Kiritimati this Thursday so it will be fun to see them. Other than that not much crazy has gone on. You have now sent me an email so I will probably respond to questions that you have send. Have a great week though!

Time has gone really fast for me.   I have been in Tarawa since November and  I feel like time is just flying.   Administration is pretty fun, but sometimes we miss going out and just being a part of the team.  I love doing both things though and am learning a lot.  It would be nice for time not to go so fast though,

Have a great week
Elder Dinsdale

Digging out a well!!

Elder Harrison (MY MTC companion) and me in Tarawa!!


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