Sunday, July 31, 2016

Heading back to Tab South


This will be my last week in Tarawa.  My new kid (companion) gets here on Thursday and we will fly back out to Tab South on Monday so I don’t think I will be able to email for a while until we go to Tab North again.   

Tarawa has been way sweet.  We have tons of members and it is great.  The investigators are doing good.  At church we had 6 investigators this week and a bunch of less actives so that was awesome!!  We are trying to help the ward learn how to do home teaching.  I think that will help a lot here. 

So, I marked my one year mark this week.  One thing that I did this week to mark my one year was I made a cheesecake mix thing that I found when I was shopping.  It was way good!! 

Tell Grandma Happy Birthday this week and Sarah at the end of August if I don’t have internet by then!

Things here are going great.  I am glad to be getting back out to Tab South.

Love you
Elder Dinsdale

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Return to Tarawa


I know it has been a while since I have written so here is a few updates from my life in Kiribati!                                                                                                                

 Elder Carrington and I went back to Tab South and it was AWESOME!  We had 4 way sweet people get baptized and 3 are potential Melchizedek Priesthood holders so that is awesome!  We then went back up to Tab North by boat and fished on the way there.  When we got there we were able to baptize a lady on Friday and then we flew out on Saturday!!  We flew where you may ask?  To Tarawa!!  So now I am in Tarawa with the West Zone Leaders for 3 weeks until my new kid comes from the MTC and then we will head back to Tabiteuea!! 

My new companion will be Elder Pratt.  I don’t know him but I believe he is from America.  I am pretty excited to get a kid. My last kid knew Kiribati so I didn't get the full experience but this next guy won't know anything so hopefully I can help him a ton. And since I am just going back to Tabiteuea it shouldn't be too bad trying to get the work started back up again since I know the people and such. The only issue is that with flights we might be stuck in Tarawa for a month before I can get another flight out. We will have to see how that will all work out.

As far as Tarawa goes there are 2 zones here, the East Zone and the West Zone.  I am staying on the West half of Tarawa so I am in the West Zone.  At first I just pretty much followed the Zone leaders around.  We have been running a ton of errands and we have been really busy.  It has been good though over all.  A few days ago we got another Elder here so now we can go on splits and such so we can actually get work done so it has been really good. 

One cool thing is that we are teaching a Japanese lady here!  So we teach her in English and she isn’t the best, but she gets most of it and can speak pretty well.  We are also learning some Japanese as well which is great.  The other people that we are teaching are all Kiribati people.

So, on Tarawa they speak Kiribati just like all the other places but they use a couple different words then what I am used to but you get used to it quickly.  The best thing about Tarawa is that they have a bunch more food and stuff than anywhere else.  A lot of it is store bought stuff but it is great.  When I first got here I was sick for the first couple of days but I am better now.  We have a fridge in Tarawa and power!!  The Zone Leaders have a great house with warm showers and air conditioning.  They have a car and it is just a luxury life out here.  HAHA compared to America it is not still good but it is way sweet for Kiribati.  We have also had a few Birthday Parties and a couple of dinners so I have been eating cake and ice cream and is it awesome!!!!

I got my package!!  Thanks a ton for all the food and the shoes and stuff!!  I don’t know how they fit.  I am trying to wear my old shoes until I leave back to Tabiteuea so they don’t get worn out while I am here in Tarawa.  I will wear them some day though.

 We have a new Mission President.  His name is President Larkin and he seems really nice!!  I haven’t talked to him much yet but I should hopefully before we fly back out.  He has a lot of good ideas for the mission and things are just way sweet.

 When Elder Carrington goes home he will be bringing 2 of my SD cards from the mission which have a ton of pictures and a bunch of videos and stuff so enjoy those!   Elder Carrington was a way good companion and I am glad that I could serve with him.

So, yeah there you go! Things are way good here and I hope you guys are having a great time at home.

Love you!
Elder Dinsdale