Thursday, May 19, 2016


After 26 days of not hearing anything from Scott (but who’s counting) this message just came through from Elder Johnson who is the district leader on Tabiteuea North, he reports:

Elder Carrington and Elder Dinsdale are loving Tabiteuea South.   I have heard no complaints and they say that the work is going very well.  They are having lots of reactivation and baptisms.

Elder Johnson said that he knows that Elder Carrington and Elder Dinsdale  take good care of each other. They eat strange foods and are exposed to new things.. One thing I know for sure (Elder Johnson said) is that the Lord has his eye on these boys. They are doing a service few can do and were called by the Lord because of their diligence, faith and trust in the Lord and because of their obedient nature.

Elder Johnson and Elder Ellis went to Tab (Tabiteuea) South a few weeks ago to find Elder Carrington and Elder Dinsdale a nice place to live. They say they love Tab South, the food and the strong group of members..

*Some interesting facts from Jen.  
1.Tab South and Tab North are run by different governments.  Tab North has internet and Tab South does not.  The missionaries radio in to the district leaders each week to report.   
2. Elder Dinsdale, Elder Carrington and Elder Johnson's all share the name Scott.