Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunbeam Preschool

     This week has been real good.  Missionary work is just going as good as ever. These last couple weeks one of my biggest focuses is on trying to help all of my recent converts get calling or responsibilities so that when I leave here they will stay active. We have also been pushing the home and visiting teaching so hopefully that will help keep the activity rate up.         

We have a bunch of people we are teaching...  A couple investigators that we have been working with came to church yesterday so that was sweet.  Nawere and Tourakai came so that was sweet too!  Tourakai is the husband of the lady with the preschool. They told me the other day that they are going to have a goodbye party for me at their preschool with the teachers there.  She also told me that  she is going to give me a bunch of cool Kiribati stuff (which I have already paid her for) so that should be really fun.  They also asked a bit ago what we think the preschool should be named and we suggested Sunbeam preschool, and we taught the them the song ‘Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam’ and they loved it!  So their preschool is now Sunbeam Preschool.  It is pretty awesome and it even has a sign that has the name on it.

We had a way great lesson with Tourakai and we just talked about how important his testimony is. (He has a testimony but his dad hates the church and tells him that he cannot join the church) .  As we were teaching him and his wife they just took the lesson so well.  He realized how important his testimony is and when the lesson got over he had a smoke right next to him and he just gave it to me and told me to take it that he didn't want to smoke.  It was way sweet and awesome but the problem was, he gave me a smoke!  So I just put it in my pocket and planned to get rid of it.  I wanted to make sure nobody would ever use it, but I didn't know where to get rid of it.  We were at one of our people's baptisms later that day and I reached into my pocket to try and find the chalk and realized that I still had a smoke in my pocket!  (For some background information you taught me to never touch smokes or anything so I felt horrible just having it with me) so me and Elder Ellis went and found a place and buried it.   So... Yeah that was a really cool experience.  I have never had an investigator give me a smoke to get rid of.  Pretty sweet!

President Larkin said that for a final party we can have one in the chapel and the people in the ward can come.  So we are going to have a recent convert fireside for a goodbye party where the people saying the prayers, leading the music, speaking and bearing testimony will all be recent converts.  I think that will be way sweet because hopefully the ward will better fellowship them as they see them in the fireside. I am pretty stoked.

Next week we go to Onotoa so that should be pretty sweet!  I will be here for P-Day and then the day after I will leave so I will talk to you next week. Have a great week!

But I hope you have a great week,
Elder Dinsdale

PS You asked what I wanted you to prepare for my return.  Prepare.. Hmmm... Food?  That is probably it. Food is good to prepare, thanks mom.

Steak is way good, but I have told myself the first meal I want is Arby’s.  That was my last meal and that will be my first.  After that whatever meal works but I just want to eat some Arby’s
Teaching others is one of the many things I love about Missionary Life!!

Of course he took my picture as I took his!!

Just a little dinner!!

Happy Baptism Day!!

Investigators getting married!!  Great Day!!

Who would have thought I would be a barber?

Just chilling with a few of the Sister Missionaries!!

Nothing is better than seeing a family enter the waters of baptism!!

Yep a everyday event with a pig laying around!!

Kiribati kids are the best!!

P-day fun!!  I am still a Ninja!!

Teaching couples is the best!!

Just one of the many spiders here!!

Life as a missionary is GREAT!!

Last meal before entering the MTC at Arby's!!

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