Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stranded At Sea... TWICE!!

Hello,                                                                                                Nov. 27-2016
   So life has taken a turn for me as a missionary.  I have been reassigned to Tarawa the capital of Tarawa.  I am now a Zone Leader serving with Elder Parry from my intake so that is sweet. 

 Last week I got word that I would be flying back to Tarawa and that Elder Pratt would have a new companion in Tabiteuea North and that there would be 2 more missionaries assigned to Tabiteuea South.  I am so happy about that because that will help so much.  Going back and forth every 2 weeks was tough but we did it and it worked.  Let me tell you about some of the people that I was teaching.  Tinabora  got baptized as well as the grandson of an old branch president. It was way sweet. Tinabora's way good old lady friend we have been teaching came to the baptism and came to church as well the next day. It was just awesome!! Tinabora is probably going to be the most active member ever I would imagine.

Leaving Tab was way sad, but it is good that there are now 4 Elders there so the work should be able to grow a ton. I was very grateful for the opportunity to serve in Tabiteuea and I have learned a lot.    I got off the airplane and 3 people from Tab were there in the airport and they all said hello to me and were way happy to see me. I am just very glad that I was able to serve and help as many people as I could there with awesome companions and the will of the Lord working for the people the whole time.

I will tell you a little about the adventure I had getting here.  I was supposed to get on a plane from Tab South and Elder Pratt and I were on Tab North.   Let’s just say we tried to get to Tab South and had boat issues and it didn’t work out.  The first time the boat quit and we ended up using our lids from our buckets to paddle back to shore.  The next day we found a new boat and headed out right after church with just our scriptures.  That boat broke too.   So, we were out at sea and our driver finally jumped in and swam next to the boat while Elder Pratt and I made a make shift sail.  It took a while but we eventually found our way to shallow waters where we walked the boat back.  So, we were stranded at sea twice in 2 days.  The third boat worked and we got down to Tab South with no problems.  We grabbed Elder Pratt's new companion and we ended up sleeping down there Sunday night, we got up early Monday and came to Tab North and I flew to Tarawa.  I know I missed a bunch of details about the whole travel.  Let’s just say we were in the ocean for quite a while on different boats that were broken engines.  But it all worked out!!

So here I am in Tarawa serving as a Zone Leader in the West Zone.  Pretty much my mission got switched just like that.  I now live in a nice house and I drive a car on the other side of the road which is weird but really fun at the same time.  No more island crazy stuff.  Tarawa is way sweet but it is way dirty but super sweet. 

I got packages from Becky and Holly.  Thank you very much! Please let them know that I was very grateful for them! They were awesome!

Here is a thought I will end with.  One thing that we can all work on is strengthening our testimony of the Book of Mormon.   Honestly, it is the keystone of our religion.   The Book of Mormon will help us strengthen our testimony in Christ, in the prophet and in this church.  I believe that the Book of Mormon is the best and most guaranteed way we can  all grow in the gospel.

Well, thanks for all you guys have done for me!    

Love you,
Elder Dinsdale

Loving the Ocean Life!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I am still a beast!!

  What’s up?  We have had another great week in Tab North.  No new investigators but our investigators we have are going strong.  Iobwaara came to church this last week as well as our other investigators.  There are a bunch of people way close to baptism.  It’s great!!

  Well, I heard my package came and the Jenks will be sending it next week to Tab South.  So all my candy and stuff got eaten by rats?  I do hope some of it survived.  That stinks.  I do hope there will be some food left after the rats got it but really all I need is my camera so thanks for sending that!!  I guess I will take some food to Tab South just to be safe.  We will be flying down tomorrow but it seems like the plane might be full so if that is the case we will be taking a boat again and that will be fun.

  A fun thing happened this week when Elder Pratt challenged me to an eating contest.  After 4 plates I took the win!!  They aren’t your little plates either.  I still have it!!!

 For Halloween Elder Pratt and I are dressing up in costumes for dinner!  We had a lady order stuff to do a cake like a month ago when we were here and now we will enjoy it on Halloween!!  I am pretty stoked.

To answer a few questions that you asked.  Elder Pratt cuts my hair and yes I am still a beast.  He gives a great haircut.  A Christmas package would be great.  The thing I liked most last year was the letters that everyone sent that were in a stocking.  I would love that again and then just anything.  Maybe food would be good. 

In my studies this week I have liked in the New Testament how Paul teaches that God is not a God of darkness or of secrets.  He is a God that does not work in darkness.   We should always work in the light and strive to be true saints of God.

I hope you all have a nice couple of weeks.

Love you all,
Elder Dinsdale
Here is the picture we got from Elder and Sister Jenks (the senior companions)  At least the rats enjoyed the food!!!