Monday, February 22, 2016

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow...


Happy Birthday Emily!! Today is your birthday in Kiribati and tomorrow in America. But I just wanted to let you know that I am very glad you are my sister. I know sometimes we don't get along, but I love you and I am glad you have always been there for me. Happy Birthday! :)  Hopefully I come home to some nieces and nephews!!

This past week has gone well, but we have had a lot of things going on.  Remember that Banana was getting a new church?  Well we went to a huge party for the opening of the place for church in Banana!! It was great but ended up taking up all day, then we had district meetings there and then we got stuck in Banana another day after district meetings because of car troubles. Dad, I kind of wished you were here to help with our car because it is quite broken at the moment.

So, this week is transfer week and this is what I have heard so far.  The plan is that Elder Hungai, Eiroa, Nei, Kanau and I will be leaving this Wednesday to go to Fiji. We will see if the plane actually comes, but if it does that is the plan.  Then Elder Hungai and I will head to Tarawa and from then on… I have no idea what will happen for sure. I was emailing papy Elder Whitehead (my trainer) last week and he made it sound like I would be heading out with a Kiribati Elder to go to the outer island of Abaiang. Not sure if that is going to happen though. I am up for whatever. I am fairly happy so whatever happens will be good.

The hurricane didn't hit us at all. I heard it may hit Fiji again though and so depending on when I get there that should be fun. Yeah it will be sweet to hear about transfers. Not sure what is even going on, but we will find out some time hopefully.

As far as my address just leave it as the Tarawa one. I probably won't be working in that area but that is just the best address for most things.

You asked what I will miss most about Kiritimati.  Well, probably just the people. A have a ton of people here that I have gotten to know very well. And by the way this mission is set up and by how it is; I will probably never see any of these people for the rest of my life.
So.. Yeah that stinks. But you know, there are always more people in random other parts of Kiribati. I will also definitely miss the food at the stores here.  They all get stuff from JMB and JMB stuff is from America. So... the little American food I have here will be greatly missed.

When I get to Tarawa it will be quite sweet though seeing all the random crap I left in Tarawa and to see what is in those packages.

One thing that is different here is that my body doesn't heal super fast like it did at home, but it isn't hurt much so I am not worried. Little by little my body will just get more used to things here and I should be fine.

That’s awesome that Sarah went to Julius Caesar. I hope people get recordings of all these things people do because I would like to see them. 

You asked if I was able to see or hear the world wide missionary conference.  Well, it happened when our mission president was here. I remember him saying stuff about it, but none of us actually got to see it. Internet here works, but not in any way good enough really to get things like that.

You also asked if you (our family) could pray for our investigators by name.  You could just pray for what you feel like praying for as far as investigators.  Just the general prayer will always help. Work here is going well. There are some people getting pretty close to baptism so that is pretty sweet. We are just trying to help them little by little gain their testimonies and repent and such.

Well, that is all from me.  Thanks for everything.

Elder Dinsdale

 New Church in Banana