Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hip-Hip Hurray For Baptisms!

My week in London has been good. Elder Beacham and I have started teaching a new group of people this week. They are so ready to hear the gospel and are ready to prepare themselves for baptism. It will be a couple more weeks, but they are great. We got both referrals from one girl and she sits in on the lessons with us and helps us.

Nei Taate and Kremt got baptized this week!!! They are 13 and 10 years old but they are both really legit and they were ready to be baptized which is great!!

Here is random experience that happened this week.  It is not one of my happiest ones. We have a recent convert and his sister who wanted to start taking lessons with us. The investigator is a very nice girl.  Neither of their parents are members, but they are fine with her taking lessons. So, yesterday we went to their house and their parents were not in a good mood. They were somewhat polite, but they told us how their kids were disobedient and how they were partially blaming their disobedience on the lessons with the missionaries. (It seemed to me like it might be how they parent their children.)  We had taught them all about obedience and they learned it. I maybe wouldn't have minded as much, but their dad was halfway drunk at the time, and I don't think anyone should ever even attempt to raise or discipline their children when they are drunk. But, that is just what happens.

Yeah, so I have not received the package yet, but we will see if I end up getting it. 

That is awesome that you are going to see the new Provo Temple.  I remember seeing a little bit of the Temple on my way to the MTC before I left, but you will have to let me know how it is.

And thank you for checking to see that my UVU scholarship went through. It is just chill for me that you and Tom will set everything up for me, and all I will have to do is come home and go. Stinks for you guys with all you’re planning and such, but it is good for me. So thank you very much for helping with all of that.

So you asked about the picture that you saw when I was fishing.  There was definitely a storm.  We saw it, and had to leave. The wind blows pretty hard here so, but never like insanely bad. It does rain a ton. If the wind doesn't blow it is a rare occasion. That is the only reason we can take the heat is because there is normally a breeze. When it storms, it normally just rains a ton and then everything floods. But it is quite fun overall.

Dad, that is awesome and weird that you have a calling working in the stake. It is weird to think you are working for the stake, partially because there is no stake here. Most people honestly have no idea what they are doing. But little by little they are working on it which is good. 

There is that one scripture about life that comes to my mind.  It says that you should believe in God, believe that he is and that he knows all and trust in him. I don't know what it is in English I only think of it in Kiribati. But it is very true. God does things and we have no idea why, we just need to trust in him and he will help us.  I know that the Lord sent me to this mission to learn and that it will help me for the rest of my life. 

So, overall a really good week. Elder Beacham and I get along very well and the work is going good. Good health, good fun and good stuff. Yep. Thanks for all the support!
I look forward to hearing again from you next week.
Elder Dinsdale

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