Friday, September 4, 2015

Watch out Kiribati here I come!!!

My week has been going really good. I leave in 4 days so I am pretty stoked about that.  In the MTC we do the same things every day.   We have classes that teach us how to teach and then we have language classes.  It is all good and I have enjoyed it but I am ready to go serve in Kiribati.  We are so busy here that it is a luxury reading my scriptures.   I love having time to pray and read. 

Elder Oaks came and talked to us this week.  He spoke about the importance of Sacrament Meeting.  It was really good. 

Go UTES! Way to beat Michigan!!  Some of our teachers told us about the game!  Looks like they are off to a great season.  Box Elder better wreck Bear River.  I feel like we always beat them, so hopefully we will again. 

I am glad that my friends come to Smiths and eat lunch.  Tell them all hello!!  Hopefully they will come over and chill at the house while I am gone.  With no guys Haha..

Thanks for the pictures! They are awesome! None of George, but I will see him in a few years. You asked me it the pictures make me homesick.  They don't make me homesick at all. They make me happy. It was good to see little Squatf (Scott when he was young) being the boss he was. And a ton of the guys in my district are way afraid of spiders so that picture with Legs my old friend was sweet. And the one with Sunny was cool as well. You can also tell Megan that a couple people in my district want her to wait for them!!

I sent home a copy of Ana Boki Moomon.  Ana Boki Moomom is printed in Kiribati as well as the Bible, but the Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants are not printed in Kiribati yet.  I guess we just do without.  Hopefully it will be printed while I am serving my mission.  Ana Boki Moomon has been printed in Krirbati for a while it just isn’t on gospel library yet. 

To fill you in about what I have learned about Kiribati.  They offer us raw fish, random drinks, and we are guaranteed to get sick.  We go to the bathroom in the ocean or on the beach.  It is insanely hot and yep, it will be good stuff. 

To answer your question about why I decided to serve a mission it is quite simple.  I decided to serve a mission a long time ago because it is a commandment of the Lord for boys to serve a mission. I did not want to intentionally break His commandments so I decided to follow what he said to do and go on a mission. Sorry there isn't some crazy cool experience, but I honestly am going because He tells us to.

If anyone wants to send me letters you need to send them today.  I will be leaving the MTC on Tuesday so send them quick hint hint…

Good Luck McKenna and Lindsey in the Peach Queen pageant.  I know you will both do great..

Family and Friends, thanks for your letters and encouragement.  Don’t forget to write!!I will end with my testimony. 

I ataia bwa ngkana si tataro nakon Te Atua si kona karekea te Tamnei ae Raoiroi ni katoa bong.

Love Elder Dinsdale

Here are some pictures from the MTC… Enjoy

Brother Packer rocks!!
Elder Kennedy
I am not sure what people see in selfies.
Chilling outside for a quick break
Elder Traill
Elder Parrish
Kiribati Elders July 2015-2017
Elder Hutchensen
Socializing a bit
Scott has carried this rock around for a very long time.  I didn't realize that it was going to Kiribati with him. 
We are all happy and ready to serve.
Kiribati here we come!!

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