Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm back in Fiji

Well, I am in Fiji chilling.  I leave to Christmas tomorrow night at 11:45pm.  I am not sure what time that is in Utah but it is very different.  Elder Darm and I will spend an entire day in Fiji tomorrow and we have no idea what we will do.  We are pretty much sure it is against the law to preach in Fiji unless you have a permit, which we only do for Kiribati so we will just study.  Good stuff!
Funny story, while in Tarawa Elder Darm and I were on splits in which the first house we went to the grandma offered Elder Darm and I her granddaughters to marry, haha  we declined. 
The people here are way cool though.  When I first looked at the people here they looked a little scary, but I just waved and smiled and they always seem to be happy to say hello!  So, it is really good.  While in Tarawa I taught with the Zone Leaders, but once I get to Christmas then I will finally be able to be with my trainer Elder Whitehead and meet the people I will be serving for the next 3-6 months or however long they decide to keep me there.  People say it is hotter in Christmas than Tarawa though, and I thought Tarawa was very hot and I got to travel around in the Zone Leaders air conditioned car.  I will be biking in Christmas with hot weather...So, it will be fun!  The flights have all been good though, and the airbus thing or whatever was nice.  We have been flying at night so everyone has been sleeping but I was in between two people so it was hard to fall asleep.  It works though. 
I can’t wait to send home pictures so you can see how people live.  It is crazy.  The nicer houses are probably the worst houses you would see where we come from.  Of course Tarawa I guess is a dirty place compared to Christmas.  Christmas is probably the nicer of most of the islands, but the people who have been there say that most people still live the same as in Tarawa, so pretty much either cinder block walls with metal roofs, or cement floors on occasion with leaf roofs.  They are actually cool over all.  We all sit cross legged wherever we go.  We sit on these little mats called kei.  They are pretty comfortable, and I have found sitting cross legged is easy for me.  All good fun.
So as far as food they pretty much eat fish and rice, but we also got some chicken as well because Tarawa has a little nicer food variety compared to other islands.  I hear that on Christmas though they have a store that gets some stuff from Hawaii so I may be able to have American food on occasion!  And they say there are tons of crabs there, so I guess I will try crab and see how it is!
So, I hear that the people here like to party as well.  Their parties are quite different though.  They say you just go and sit for hours at a time.  I talked to an Elder serving on Tarawa and he said on outer islands you will go to these parties and sometimes you will just sit there and do nothing for up to 10 hours at a time, but it is disrespectful if you leave.  So I will have to let you know how that goes.  I love partying and all, but they party slightly different than what I am used to.  It will be good though.
Well, it seems like everything at home is going good and I am glad.  I will email you next week when I am finally serving in my area.
Love you all.
Elder Dinsdale

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