Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pray and Rely on the Lord

This is a combined Email effort.  The internet kept going down when Scott sent the family email but we feel blessed to know that he is safe and well.


This is the third email I have tried to send so hopefully it works. But it will be short again because I have no time. I will share with you a few things quickly.

President Weir was here last week and he took us fishing.  It was good to spend time with him since the mission homes are in Tarawa and the Marshal Islands.     

We bike probably an hour and a half every day because we live 30 minutes by bike away from our area.  Everyone else (I am thinking that he means Missionaries) on  Christmas Island live 30 minutes away by car so we only go there once a week for District Meetings.

People here love dancing.  They are great!!  I have taken pictures but they say that some computers will delete you SIM card so I will show them to you in a couple years haha. 

Food here is good!  We have a store by us and that is the only store on Banana that sells American stuff, so we buy some when we can!  With the people we eat only fish and rice. I really do like fish and rice though so it isn't too bad that my entire diet for dinners is that.  I haven’t been sick yet and I am very much trying to keep it that way. 

People here say that I sing well, so of that I am glad.  I haven’t found any pianos on the Island though so I haven’t been able to play but it all works. 

So my day consists of studying, biking 25 to 30 minutes to my area, teaching all day, and then biking back.  I better be fit when I get back. 

Since I have been out here I pretty much feel like I have to rely on the Lord, so I say a lot of prayers.  The other day when we were teaching a lesson I realized that the rock key chain on my shoulder bag had fallen off somewhere.  So after the lesson I prayed, and then we went and looked for it and found it! What are the chances of finding my rock in Kiribati! Now I carry it in my pocket!!

I really enjoy the scriptures now so much they are way good. We are pulling 38 lessons this week and it feels good to work hard.  I know the Lord is here in the work. 

I don’t have an address yet but I will try to get one for next week!

Well, things are good and I will try and share experiences and stuff next week!

Elder Dinsdale

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