Monday, October 5, 2015

No Rats here!!!

      Well, things are going well here.  I was able to baptize 2 people this past Saturday.  A little girl named Ana, and another lady (Nei).  It  was really good.  Next week Elder Whitehead should be baptizing like 5 more people.  We had planned to baptize more this past week but things fall through so easily in Kiribati.  The Island people just delay things and don’t really worry about much that goes on anywhere; they are great and very relaxed.  So, the work is going good here.  Elder Whitehead said that no one over the age of 25 has been baptized here for 6 months, and the Mission President told us he wanted us to get more Priesthood holders.  We set a goal at 10 baptisms this week with 4 of them Priesthood age men. 

Here is a little about my life here.  Our house here is chill.  No air conditioning, but I guess it is one of the few houses without rats so that is nice.  We have fans that we sleep with so it isn’t horrible.  Even though I feel like I am sweating almost every second of the day it isn’t too bad.  The bugs aren’t super bad, but I get bitten by mosquitoes all the time.  Today I got peed on by something and it feels like a wasp sting.  Not the best experience but I got over it.  As far as food you can buy  some soda, hot pockets, and just a bunch of random stuff.

I watched the first session of the Sunday session this morning (Monday) at 6:00am.  We went over to London (on Christmas) and watched it at a member house that had TV.  We actually went and slept in Tabwakea and then went over to London to watch it.  I was way excited for conference.  I learned that we need to focus on spiritual stuff and rely on the spirit to help us make all our decisions. 

Here is an experience I had this week.  We met a guy (Tetidai) and we went and talked to him and asked him if he wanted the lessons.  He said he would but he didn’t want to hear anything about the Bible.  So, we taught about Joseph Smith and the restoration.  We also taught him about prayer, it was really good.  The next day though we had the Book of Mormon lesson and we didn’t know what to do.  We decided to just go for it and teach the lesson.  So, we get to the lesson and asked him if he had any questions about the previous lesson and he sat there for a second and thought. .. He then responded that he wanted to hear about the Book of Mormon.  It was legit!!  It turns out he used to be like a Magistrate here and can speak some English.  He said he has really been searching for the truth.  He said he had tried other religions but something was missing.  He came and watched our baptisms last week and also came to church and said that he enjoyed it. 
Well, things are going really well here!  Hopefully things are going great at home!
Elder Dinsdale
Here is my address:
Elder Scott C. Dinsdale
Moroni High School
P.O. Box 278
Bikenibeu, Tarawa
Republic of Kiribati
Central Pacific

This picture was taken by the Senior Missionaries as Elder Dinsdale and Elder Darm stepped off the plane on Christmas Island.  Just another tender mercy!!!  Elder Darm is in London and Elder Dinsdale is in Banana.

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