Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hello from Banana

Hello hello.

Things are going good here in Banana. A couple things I must say...
Mother, what are you doing in the secret society of mothers...?  Ha-ha  They are quite notorious here in Kiribati, everyone knows about you guys, but yet we don't know how you get the knowledge you get. (From Jen:  Scott is talking about the Kiribati Moms group on Face book and it is true those moms rock and know a lot.)
Second thing that must be said, that grass that got put in at home looks legit! It looks so different from anything I am used to and it looks awesome! I hope in the next 2 years a bunch more will be planted and then I can enjoy the fruits of all your people’s labor ha-ha.

I did not receive the package yet but I will let you know when/if the package gets here, I am pretty sure it will be a while.

So it is me and Elder Hungai in Banana. We are getting along real well.  I can’t understand a lot that he says in English (so that is an adventure) but he speaks real good Kiribati so that is helping me with my language.  He comes from a family about the same size as ours.  In Vanauatu (where he is from) they speak Vanuatu, French, English and Kiribati.  Vanuata is an island kind of close to Kiribati by Fiji and Australia. 

The senior couples left to Hawaii because Elder Seamons is sick and so the sisters can't stay here.  The sisters will leave Wednesday and 4 new Elders will come here to work in Tabwakea. I know Elder Afatasi that will be coming and so that should be chill.

As far as investigators we were able to baptize 2 of them.  They were both baptized and confirmed so that  was legit. I have a strong feeling that they will be awesome priesthood holders. We teach usually 30 lessons a week.  Not as many as some but we stay busy.  We didn’t find any new investigators this week but we are working hard on our investigators and trying to help them.

Our Mwaneaba has been going well.  Members have been building it all, and it has awesome progress.  We have had a few problems recently though. I guess the area presidency may have wanted contractors to build it. So I don't know what will go on now.

People here koro bin. So they find fallen coconuts and they cut them, leave them out in the sun to dry, and then sell them. There are a few little shops people work at, and some guide fishermen and some are fishermen. But mainly it seems the whole cutting coconuts thing is the main job that people here have. 

I am feeling a little better I would say from my random sicknesses. You asked me about toilets.  Well, if people do have toilets here they really won't let you use them. The only person I know of is our branch president and I have used his a couple times.  It’s pretty much just the forest life for me.

They play seems to be doing well from what I hear. Good luck to everyone. Jace, don’t be too sad that I am not there.  I am glad you have Sarah is there to remind you of me!!

Well, that is about all I have to say from Banana this week.

I would really like letters and such from people. I have not received any letters yet but they are kept in Tarawa until someone comes over to Christmas.  So please write me if you have time. 

Things are good here, and hopefully you guys keep having a great week in America!
Elder Dinsdale

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