Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween

It seems like Halloween was a success in America. They don’t celebrate Halloween here but after telling Elder Hungai about what Halloween is we went to JMB and bought starbursts and suckers and then we went and handed out candy.  They were rather scared to say trick or treat but once they did and we gave them candy they liked it.  It was pretty sweet stuff and it was fun. Nobody really had heard of it but it works.

Language here is coming. Elder Hungai is good at the language so it is good, but sometimes when I ask him what things mean he doesn't know what it means in English so that is exciting. I wouldn't say it is coming faster will him, but it is still coming, so that is good. I study the language daily and the scriptures. We study personally for an hour, in our companionship for an hour, and then language for like 30 minutes to an hour every morning pretty much.

Church is good here. I brought my English scriptures to church because we study the bible in Sunday school and it is super hard to understand in Kiribati.  We always get a couple good things out of church each week which is good.

Weather is the same. It is hot.  It rains occasionally but not a lot.  It seems weird to think that even during Christmas and stuff here it will still just be as hot as every other time of the year but I suppose it works.

You asked me about my clothes.  They are good so don't worry about that. I have made it my own personal thing though to protect myself.  So just for fun and I am pretty sure I am the only missionary on the island that does this I wear socks!!!  So, yeah I am a beast. But my feet look better than most others so I don't regret it. My health is good, and I am feeling fine and doing good so don’t worry mom. 

We have an appointment with some new people tomorrow so that should go good. And the branch here just barely started the whole home teaching program so that if done right should really strengthen the branch here.

One thing I need is a bread recipe. There is this lady and we go over to her house a bunch because we teach a kid there and all she really ever does is make bread. Last night we had dinner with them I was telling her about how we have like Banana bread and pumpkin bread. So if you can send me some bread recipes that I can give to her that would be great.

Here is a scripture that I like. 3 Nephi 13:33.
Just make sure we are always before anything else seeking the Kingdom of God

A mission is a time to serve the Lord and we should avoid using it as a way to make ourselves higher up than certain people because others didn't go or because some person goes to one place and someone else goes another. All missions have challenges and none is necessarily better than others (even though I will always love Kiribati because it is my mission). I don't feel like what I am trying to express is making sense, but hopefully you understand what I am saying. We should always just make sure to focus on good things and be humble before the Lord.
This is his work, without him it wouldn’t be possible.

I love you all, and just keep living life and doing good things.

Elder Dinsdale

I got my first letter last week from Hannah!!!  It seems like she sent it about a month ago so it takes quite a while for stuff but I would love to hear from all of you!!!

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