Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hermit Crabs..yum

 So things are going good here. We have P-Days on Mondays.  We depend on people to let us use their laptops to email.  Sometimes it takes convincing but it is all good!

The food is starting to taste all the same, but that is because it pretty much is. Fish and rice. I did try hermit crab yesterday. It is food.

 We are working really hard to get new investigators right now since we have just been baptizing all the ones that we had. We still have a couple more, all are quite legit.  The word of wisdom is a problem with some of our investigators but hopefully that will work out. 

Well, my dad (Elder Whitehead) is already leaving me in a week and a half.  Elder Whitehead will go to be a Zone Leader in Tarawa. I will be staying on Banana and be companions with Elder Hungai, He is from Vanuatu so that should be cool.

I was a little sick for most the week, but I am recovering and it isn't bad or anything. It has been raining quite a bit here.

The language is coming, but I need to work harder on learning it so I have started to study more. I was hoping it would kind of just come or something but I need to work harder.

You asked me about my baptisms in the ocean.  It is pretty sweet.  We walk about 20 or 30 minutes from our Branch Presidents house to get to the ocean, but it is good.  The ocean is pretty nice especially in Christmas.  The only time we really enjoy the ocean it is when we are there for baptisms.  We stay busy teaching most other times. 

I have been obedient and doing what I am supposed to and things are good here.

It seems like dad is getting some grass planted so by the time I get home I can have even bigger parties so get ready. HAHA

Keep me updated on how everyone is doing and stuff.  Live a good life.

Elder Dinsdale

Note from Jen:  Saturday morning I woke up to pictures from one of the members in Kirimati.  What a wonderful surprise to see Elder Dinsdale’s smiling face!!  Another tender mercy…

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