Saturday, August 29, 2015

One More P-Day

Well, I am doing good here.  Days fly by and there is always something going on.  But, I am ready to go to Kiribati.   Our teachers here all went to Kiribati on their missions and we taught a guy that just got back a couple of months ago.  We have heard some cool things about Kiribati.  Pretty much I am guaranteed to get sick there so that is cool and it is insanely hot all the time.  Seems like a good time to me haha.  Thanks for making a picture book for me.  It will be nice when I get to the Islands to be able to show people my family, friends and pictures of Perry.   Thanks Valyn, grandma, McKenna and mom for the package everything was great and the cheesecake was the best!!  We have a box of candy, and stuff in our room which is good.

Wednesday I was a host for the new missionaries that came to the MTC.  I saw Dillon Thompson and asked him where his room was.  It ended up being in my building on my floor so last night I went over and took him some candy and we chilled for a while it was cool. 

We continue to get members of the 70’s that come and speak to us and those are good.  We have a lot of classes daily, but even though in my head I feel like the language is coming really slow if I actually think about where I was a month ago I have improved quite a bit.  We had a TRC the other day (you teach members little lessons) over Skype from a guy in Tarawa (the capital of Kiribati) but we couldn’t hear what he was saying because something was up with his computer.  But he could hear us so we pretty much typed to him in Kiribati so it was good. 

Dad, I am excited that you will be planting more grass.  If there is grass when I get home I will probably set up a sheet or something and a projector on one of the cement walls and have a party!!! 

Well, I will miss all the Peach Days excitement, but at the same time it will be a fun thing to come back to when I get home. 

I did sealings at the Temple today which I have never done.  It was pretty cool. 
Only one more P-Day and then I will be out in the field!  It will be good.  I fly out on September 8th.  I think it is more that a 24 hour flight so that should be good.
Make sure everyone keeps doing good things.  You are all great!
Love you
Elder Dinsdale