Friday, August 14, 2015

Week 3--Attack Week!!

Note from Jen:  This week I asked Scott a few questions.  I have put those in along with his answers.

Not much has happened this last week. It honestly just flew by.

 So how is it singing in the choir?  Singing in the choir was fun, but now no one in the district will go with me so I didn't get to go at all last week. I doubt anyone will go with me this week either but we will see. It is on Sundays and Tuesdays.

What is the weirdest thing they serve: Nothing really. Probably fancy salads and stuff. They serve pretty regular stuff here.

Any crazy things happen in the MTC?  Elder Dram has started a war with the Tongans.  The other day they came and raided us with their shirts off, lays on, and masks on.  It was pretty sweet.  But, we don’t have anything to defend ourselves with.  So if you send a package maybe a few small hand held squirt guns and other defending stuff that we can use against the Tongans.

How many Elders are in your room?  We have 6 elders in our room. 4 from our district and then 2 Elders going to Samoa.

What scriptures have you used this week?  I read a lot of scriptures and try to find good ones that I can use to teach investigators the simple stuff about the gospel in an understandable way. 

Can you write your Testimony in Kiribait:  Not sure how it will benefit you since you can't understand it but yeah sure I will write it Testimony in Kiribati:
 I ataia bwa e koaua te ekaretia aio, ao I ataia bwa e koaua ana boki moomon. I ataia bwa e kuaua te burabeti ae Iotebwa Timiiti ao Thoman S. Monson. I ataia bwa e maiu Iesu Kristo.

Thanks again for all you do for me, and have another great week at home doing all of the random stuff everyone does! I missed Grandmas Birthday so happy birthday there! And hopefully I can send something for Sarah's! If I miss random birthdays don't get too offended I don't really pay attention to most outside world stuff too much. (I will try and send pictures next week if I have any good ones or I may just send home an SD card when I leave the MTC and fill up another one when I get there till you can send it back.)
Elder Dinsdale

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