Sunday, January 3, 2016

Beetles, Rats and Robbers Oh My...

Happy 2016!!  It seems weird to think about it because my mission now is now my life.  I have been out for 5 months now and it is great!

I have a few things to tell you about this week.  First things first, we know transfers are coming. Elder Johnson is going to go to Tabituea and he will be working with Elder Parrish from my intake. I will be working in London with Elder Beechum. Don't know who that is but he has been out for like 1 year and 7 or 8 months though. He seems chill and I think he is from Utah.

I went on splits on Sunday with a kid named Willy. He is Elder Openshaw's convert that I guess was in a picture in the Priesthood session so if you look it up maybe you can see him. He is a way chill guy and it was good for me to work for a day with someone that can't speak English.

Elder Johnson and I have been very obedient I would say and we are seeing the rewards. More people keep coming and even though December was not successful as far as numbers wise, we will see the rewards this month. 5 or 6 people should be baptized this month and they are all pretty legit people.  Our investigators are doing good. They are working at things that will get them prepared for baptism so I am pretty happy about that. We had a baptism for an 8 year old girl yesterday who’s parent's are inactive.  But she is awesome and was ready to be baptized.  This Saturday we should be baptizing  a 19 year old girl and maybe a 17 year old guy if he can not break the Word of Wisdom this week.

President Weir will be coming to Kiritimati in a week and a half when Elder Johnson leaves so that should be good. 

So I have a few random stories and stuff that happened this week that I know you guys will find interesting. 

One night I woke up and my ear felt funny. I went back to bed and then in the morning I was showering and a little beetle climbed out of my ear. So that is a cool story I suppose. Also that same night before we went to bed there was a rat just running around. We reset our trap and in the middle of the night I heard it snap and we had a dead rat!!

Another story, we got robbed! To let you know how clean I have been on my mission I saw my Pringles lid not on its container and I knew something was up. We then noticed random stuff off with our house. Then we noticed Elder Johnson's speaker and flash drive with all his pictures for his whole mission on it got stolen and my solar power flashlight. We checked at a store next door and asked if they had seen anything.  They said they thought it was some random dude. So we went and told the police.  We found that the guy got in by pulling on one of our doors till the lock broke off.  Also to let you know about Kiribati people they did find the kid, tied him to a pole and waited there until the police came. The police just locked him in a room.  That's not all,  we then found out that the Elders in Tabwakea are teaching him so they found Elder Johnsons flash drive and my flashlight and we got them back so all is well. 

I did open up my suitcase and got my vitamins but they honestly looked pretty bad so I threw them away. Sorry more should hopefully be good in the bottle when I go to Tarawa.   So, you asked me who cuts my hair and it is Elder Osborne.  He never has done it before the mission, but I decided now would be a good time for him to learn.  He does a good job. 

New Years is the same as Christmas. Everyone knows about it and does tiny things but not much. Mainly just says Happy New Years. What I have heard though is that Independence is big.  Like the entire month of July every year is just insane. So we will see when I get to that point in my mission.

Well, I will share with you what I have been reading in the last chapter in 1st Nephi.  It really just predicts a bunch of stuff that has happened in our day and such with the Indians and the Jews and the Gentiles and stuff and I thought it was chill.   You should all read it and let me know what you think.

Thanks for all the support.
Elder Dinsdale

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