Monday, January 11, 2016

It's crazy hot with a ton of rain!!

So I am glad that random people keep reading my blog. Not sure how everybody finds out about it but even Nathan (from Montana)emailed me this week and said he reads it so that is great.  

I am glad that you didn’t’ freak out about all the things that happened last week.  To be honest what you do at home doesn't affect my missionary work right now so I just tell you most everything that happens that I think is cool.
Maybe if I was dying I wouldn't tell you. Don't worry though if I died I would make sure to send you an email from the grave.

Also to clarify something in the blog you wrote that there was a crane on a small wooden dock. Just thought I would clarify the dock is not small or wooden. It is a huge cement dock thing.

I will answer a few questions from my dad first.

Does the man that fed you on Thanksgiving and Christmas speak English? Yes the man that fed us does speak and read English.  I think he is pretty much one of the smartest Kiribati people and one of the richest. He is very good to us.

Did you kill the rat by feeding it Coke?
No we didn't feed the rat coke but, we got another rat. Let’s just say when you guys get the pictures some people might feel sick. Somehow the rat got off the trap and bled everywhere on our floor. It looked like a murder scene honestly.
How is the weather?
It is crazy hot and I sweat all the time. But we are getting a ton of rain. The other day 4 people died trying to go fishing or do something.  I guess there was a boat out on a dock here and it got knocked over by some waves or something and like I said 4 people died.  The Weather here is definitely crazy.
At least it is snowing back at home. I am hoping the year I come back it will snow a bunch so  Kevin and I can just go hit the slopes with the Family and like Jeremy (our cousin).  We will  go up and test our skills.

How are you feeling/health?
I am feeling good. Honestly I feel like I should have more trials in life or something, but my entire life has been pretty great so I never have to worry about much. We will see how long things last. Health is good though so that is chill.

Ok, here is what has been happening on Christmas this week:

This week has been awesome. 3 people got baptized this week. Nei Kabwebwea who is 19, Tawita who is 17 and Karaiti who is 15. So super chill stuff. Tawita and Karaiti are going to Tarawa this week but Nei Kabwebwea is staying so that is good.  We also got 2 new investigators. One is the younger sister of Nei Kabwebwea our recent convert.  She said she wanted to hear lessons. So that is sweet. The only issue is that her mom hates the Mormons and she is only 14. Nei Kabwebwea is of age so we didn't need approval but with her younger sister we will eventually need her mothers approval so we shall see.

So, the work is going really good here. Elder Johnson is not leaving till the 20th so that is another week with him which is good.

Taring is one of the guys we teach and he came to church!! He is like a 40 year old guy that is super legit but the only thing is he doesn't come to church. He has been taught for like 6 months and today is his first time of actual church so that is great.

My week has been really good. Honestly the Lord blesses people with success if you are obedient, and I have had a lot of success on my mission. Maybe he is giving it to me now because later he will not, but we will see. 

Well, really good things are happening here, thanks for the support.  Have fun back at home with all the snow and such. Party it up for me and tell everyone I say hello.

Elder Dinsdale

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