Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sporting a straw hat and conducting with a mop!!!

Hey mum!
Well, there is a bunch of stuff to tell you about.  On Tuesday we had a rescue where we went and told everyone about the singing practice for the Stake Song Festival which took place this last Saturday.  Elder Bonney and I taught the youth and the YSA their song and taught them the notes and stuff so that was fun.   On Saturday we had the Stake Song Festival and our ward got 2nd out of the 6 wards in our stake!!!  I led the youth and the YSA's song and let’s just say that in Kiribati the more silly the conductor is the better things go.  So… I might have worn a big straw hat and led the music with a mop, and bribed the judges with candy and bracelets. It was pretty sweet!!

On Tuesday night the APs (The assistants to the President) (2 missionaries that do lots of paperwork and other work and work with the mission president and stuff) call us and tell me that I have an interview with President Larkin the next morning at 9am.  I knew that I didn't do anything bad so I wasn't worried really, but it wasn't time for interviews with everyone so I knew something was going on.  So I go down Wednesday morning and President Larkin sits me down and tells me that he has been prompted to call me as one of his APs.  That was a big surprise but pretty exciting!  He just started telling me a bunch of stuff about transfers and random stuff and tells me I have to get used to knowing a bunch of stuff and not telling everyone.  So as of yesterday I am now working with Elder Ellis!  We are still in the same area working with Elder Bonney and his new companion Elder Miller and then Elder Shumway and Veresoni in Ambo.  We now have 6 of us living in the house!  I am not 100% sure of everything I do as an AP but we will figure it out.  I know we do a bunch of paperwork and we help train the mission and stuff and help the mission president with transfers and other random stuff.  One way sweet thing is that the APs get to go out to different outer islands to help missionaries find new people and to help set up branches and other things!  I thought I was busy before but now I will be really busy, but it should be fun.  President Larkin told me I will probably be here till the end of my time so looks like I am staying in Teaoraereke 2nd!!  Which I am super stoked for.

My health is doing way good. I haven't been sick in a long time so I am pretty glad about that.  My clothes are doing good.  They should last me till the end of my time.  I eat plenty of food.  We make ourselves breakfast and lunch or we buy random food sold along the street and then dinner we eat with members each night.  There is tons of food here so don't worry about me.

You asked me how my feet and hands were. They are good too. My ears and nose are doing good as well mom if you are wondering ha-ha!

It has not rained here as much as it did last year.  It still rains some but not too much.  

So for the baptism Friday morning we got told by one of our investigators that he had smoked again.  So he will be baptized later.   Also his wife wants to be baptized next to him so she will be baptized later as well.
Nei Natia got baptized though!  Her uncle who is in the Stake Presidency baptized her so that was really exciting!  She is super solid.

So a little bit about my new comp, his name is Elder Ellis.  He is the intake right after me so he came to Kiribati 6 weeks after me.  He is from New Zealand and he is Mauri or something like that.  He is super chill.  I met him first when I was called to Tab South.   He welcomed me at the airport and showed me around a couple days with Elder Carrington before he went back to Tab North.  So I am pretty stoked to work with him.

Have a great life this week.  It may be pretty hard to have a life better than mine! ;)  Ha just kidding.  But it is pretty great being a missionary.  The Gospel is a really great thing.  It is crazy how teaching people about Jesus Christ can change people’s life for so much good.  I know that the Lord works through small things to make great things come to pass.  If we just pray, read scriptures and keep the commandments our lives will change completely.   I love being a missionary!

Elder Dinsdale

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