Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Baptisms this week!!


Things are going really good here this week!  We have had some investigators that have been getting ready for baptism these last couple weeks/months and a few are going to be getting baptized this Saturday.  The family that their dad got all ticked at them just decided to keep coming to church and they should be getting baptized this Saturday as well.  Their dad said he would disown them and kick them out of his land if they joined the church but they are just going to join it anyways which takes great faith.  Also I talked to a member and he said legally his dad can't kick them out without giving them some land unless he has a really good reason (other than religion differences) so I hope everything will work out good.  I am just super stoked.  Nei Natia and her husband got married on Saturday so that was pretty sweet as well.  

I have been working on home teaching lists with the high priests and elders and visiting teaching as well, and now they are all done!  I have to make some adjustments but people are getting excited about it so I am stoked!

Easter here in Kiribati is different than at home.  People just have big parties for Easter. For our church nothing different happens, there was just a little Easter sign in the front of the chapel.  Other religions have hugs parties for days.  There is not candy and Easter eggs like in America though.

You asked what my feelings were about Peace.   Honestly, the only time out here I really just feel peace is just when I read in the scriptures or study personally.  That is pretty much the only thing I do to feel peace.  The rest of my mission and life I feel like I am so busy doing random things all the time and we are always in a rush, but if I set apart the set amount of time to do personal study and I read I feel like I have peace.  Not that other times are bad I love everything else as well I am just busy doing good stuff.

We have been having a bunch of investigators doing good so I am way stoked.  We are just trying to work as hard as we can every day. 

Have a good week!
Elder Dinsdale

Picture complements of Stephanie Green who went to Kiribati for a dental humanitarian project and emailed mom this picture.  They not only served the people of Kiribati but also cleaned the missionary’s teeth!!  Thanks

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