Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Watch out for the centipede!!

We were able to watch General Conference this week.  It started at 6 am for the priesthood session on Saturday, 8 am first session and 10 am second session. Sunday morning session was at 8 am on Sunday and second was at 10am. So, needless to say it was a lot of sitting.  I watched all of them in Kiribati so that was pretty fun.  I didn't understand it all but I tried to get most of it.  Not that I don't understand Kiribati it was just the quality of the recording and listening to it for hours at a time I couldn't stay focused to understand all of what was going on.  At least I didn't fall asleep at all.   It was great to hear from  President Thomas S. Monson.  He seems to be getting pretty old.   He will live I suppose as long as the Lord wants him to live though.  We will all just keep listening to his counsel and everything will work out like it should.

This week I have a lot to tell you.  I will start with Tiareti.     Tiareti, was the old bishop maybe  10 years ago here in our ward.  He is a super great guy but has gone very inactive.  He has been visited by tons of people to try and help him come back to church but he never came.  Anyway Kianteiti and I went and visited him for a Rescue and we set up a time to have dinner with him.  It was a great dinner and then Tiareti and his wife came to church!!!  It was so awesome. 

Also I told you about Tourakai?  He is the guy that lives with his dad making it so he and his family couldn’t come to church.  They were going to try and get jobs so they could be independent and get their own place.  They have been praying a bunch and a couple of days ago the education of Kiribati showed up to look at Taourakai’s wife’s preschool!!  Everything went well and in a couple of months she will hopefully be getting paid to have her preschool.  I gave them a bunch of stuff that you have sent me to use for the preschool (glow sticks, stickers, etc) so hopefully everything will work out.  Tourakai came to General Conference on Saturday and Sunday.  He was dressed and ready to leave when his dad showed up to the house.  Well, let’s just hope his dad will change.  It didn’t sound like it was a good situation.  I think his dad will change little by little when he sees the changes in Tourakai as he lives the Gospel.

Teaching is going really good.  We have a bunch of super solid investigators, but they all have their issues.  We are trying to help them though.  We did get  one lady who is the wife of an active  Melchizedek Priesthood holder  to come to church.  She is a golden investigator.  We had one of our investigators start to live the Word of Wisdom and he is doing really great.  We keep telling him he will get better but I guess we will see.  He has been drinking coffee every day and a lot of it as well as smokes and does nankona so we will see how he will do.   Another less active member quit smoking this week so that is great.   We are really working hard but it is up to people’s agency if they will keep commitments or not.
You asked what to send in a package.  I don’t need anything but if you could send some random little books in English for kids that would be great. , I know a Tourakai’s wife could really use them at the preschool.  Or other little stuff for kids always works I can always find a bunch of kids that will take free stuff.

I will end with a interesting thing that happened.  I had a poisonous centipede climb up my leg this morning, but it didn't bite me. That was pretty exciting though I guess.

I love it here, no problems or anything.  Things are just super sweet out here in Kiribati. A lot of our investigators are doing good, some are not, but we are trying to help them.

Well, have a great week!
Elder Dinsdale

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