Thursday, March 23, 2017

Remember the Lord in all you do.

Things are going really good here.  I have had another great week!!  Transfers did come and they will start next week but I am not being transferred.  So it looks like I will be here probably till the end of April or the beginning of May.  My companion is named Elder Benjamin Bonney.  He is from Maryland but goes to school at the U of U. His family moves around a bunch so he has lived in Europe, Africa, and random places in the states. His dad is in the military.  He has 14 kids in his family and he is the 4th oldest. 2 of them are adopted from Africa and there are 2 sets of twins.  He has been out a little over a year now.  When I flew in from Kiritimati Island they flew in from America.  So they are exactly 6 months after me. He is chill so that is good.

This week we have been working with families and that is the best. Nothing is better than seeing a family that used to be angry all the time or they just don't have a good feeling about them, to seeing them just be super happy and to just have a good feeling when you walk into their house.

This last week for service we made a sandbox for this family.   The house that we made it at does a preschool type thing that they do for kids in the community that can't pay for people to go to preschool.  So that was fun for the kids.

Another great thing that happened this week is we have been teaching a girl named Natia.  Her husband is a less active RM.  They are going to be married soon and she will be baptized the week after that!!  This week we have been teaching her the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She really just understood faith and repentance and is just doing really well.  She was talking about how she went to another village one day and came back and everyone at the house was mad at her because she was supposed to have prepared food for everyone while the rest of them had been out working or at school and stuff.  She said when they were all mad and such she said the Holy Ghost just told her that she should apologize to them.  So instead of getting angry back or something else she just apologized.  Then when we taught repentance and we talked about apologizing to people and confessing our sins to people we have sinned against and confessing our sins to our Heavenly Father she said she felt the Holy Ghost was helping her do that.   That isn't that big of a story but I thought it was pretty cool.  She said before she always just felt like a bad person and she felt like she had no real good thing that was going on in here life, but now she feel like there are so many good things that go on and she is feeling a lot better about life.  Honestly this Gospel changes people.  Our investigator Rubi came to church this Sunday for the first time.  He stood up and talked about how he had gone to school to become a Catholic Father for 2 years until he got together with his wife, but he said he is happy to be at church.  So that is pretty sweet!!

You asked if I had a funny story for the week.  I am not sure. Lots of funny stuff happens but I don't ever really remember.

Many people are just doing so well in this gospel.  Lots of people coming into the waters of baptism and lots are working towards it.   Missionary work is really good.

 I hope you guys have an amazing week, keep remembering the Lord in all the things you do.

Elder Dinsdale
 Zone Conference:  Tarawa

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