Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Becoming More Organized... We Hope!

I have been having a really good week this week. Here is a little about it.

So this Sunday was our ward conference for the Teaoraereke 2nd Ward.  I honestly love this ward so much.  I worked here when I came in from Tabiteuea to wait for Elder Pratt and now I am starting my 4th transfer here and I still love it.  We are working on trying to split the ward by the end of the year.  We had about 250 people at church on Sunday and we had about 30 Melchizedek Priesthood holders with 16 or 17 potential Melchizedek Priesthood holders.  So that was way sick.  We are really working with the list of people in the ward to try and fix all the stuff that is messed up.  I just want to help this ward split so much.  It would help tons of stuff I think.  We had 10 investigators show up as well to church so that was awesome!  One of the issues all the time here is with divorce.  We have 2 super solid couples but they can't get married because of marriages before with other people.  Many people move from island to island and without internet it’s hard to find the spouse so they can get divorces.   But we keep working on it.

Nei Natia is doing really good! She is doing well and they should be getting married and she should get baptized in a couple weeks.  Her husband has just been having a hard time with drinking.  She keeps saying she is feeling the church is true, but she has a hard time thinking about joining it when her husband (long time member) keeps drinking.  Yesterday we talked to him about it so let’s hope he is going to get that figured out.

Tematang (a lady that got baptized a couple weeks ago) just had her baby we think.  We haven't seen her yet but we are excited to see the new baby.  We have this couple Tourakai and Renute that we have been teaching and they both came to church on Sunday!  He came a couple Sundays ago but this is their first time as a couple.  It seems like they really liked it.  We gave them an old gospel art book and they hung up a ton of pictures all around their house so that was cool.  She
(Renute) has been doing a preschool at her house and I have been giving them a bunch of random stuff (stickers’ etc.) that you guys have been sending to help with their preschool so that is pretty fun.

You said Tia and Ryan are having a baby?  That is way sweet!  Honestly the joy of having family is better than anything I feel like in the world.  In God's plan that is also very important so that all his children can come down to the earth.

You asked about some of the people here.  Well, the people here in Kiribati have seen like cows, but only in movies. I think most of the time when people see animals or other things they just see movies where they are in.  I know here in Tarawa and a couple other places people can access the internet, but most people only do so for email or facebook.

Thanks for sending the talk that Dr. Riddle gave. I honestly have always wanted in life to have enough money that I don't have to worry.  But I feel like I will try and have it for righteous desires such as taking care of my family and helping people and the church and stuff.  But I completely agree with what he said.  One thing that is crazy but true is that as we teach these people in Kiribati, it seems like they just become wealthier over time.  As they focus on the needs of their families it seems like they just grow in many different ways.

One thing that I have noticed about myself is that I have been getting a lot more organized out here on my mission.  I have been really clean throughout most of my mission but organization is something I am just working on. So that should help me later in life. I think anyone could live in a stick hut here in Kiribati, but it is really hot.

I just love being a missionary.  I am so glad to be out here serving the Lord. I have 3 SD cards full of pictures that I am pretty sure you guys haven't seen yet so I will think about sending them home with the Jenks as they come home in like 6 weeks.

Yeah pretty much things are just way sweet out here. No problems or anything, just trying to do all I can to help establish the church. 

I hope you all have an awesome week!

Elder Dinsdale

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