Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another great week!!!

Things are going really good this week in Kiribati! Here are the highlights. 

Last night we taught a lesson with a guy.  We also had a member bring the guys wife to the lesson.  It was sweet because his wife didn’t want to have lessons but decided to come.  Most people that say they aren't too interested in lessons but if they come and continue to learn they realize how blessed they can be from this gospel and things go really good for them.  So, I am pretty excited.

We have 2 couples that we have been teaching let us know how much different they feel having lessons and praying and reading scriptures and going to church then they did before in their old religions. One of those couples would always tell us they were not ready to come to church, but on Saturday after we asked them again they said they were ready to go since they had been feeling so much happier now than they were before. The wife got sick and didn't come but the husband came so we were super happy about that. So many people here are getting testimonies from their Father in Heaven and I am just super excited about it!

We have a guy that moved into our ward from Eita 2nd ward and he has been helping us missionaries a ton. He is constantly fellow shipping people and helping us out in any way we need. Last night we had dinner with him and his wife and one of their kids and you could just tell they were a super happy family. Neither of them have jobs.  They just make money by selling random stuff but even though they were poor, you could just tell they were so happy. He just got baptized a couple years ago in 2012.  Before that he said that he was a drunk and just lived a crappy life. But now he is so happy in the gospel.

People are so much happier and less angry or frustrated living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I can be a part of helping people receive those feelings.

You asked me about my feelings on Grace.... What I know is that people can be doing horrible things in life or make mistakes like all of us do and when we decide to change and turn to our Savior (even though we don't deserve to be let back into his fold) it is through the grace of Christ He will always welcome us back into his fold.  We just need to repent and turn to him with all our hearts, no matter how bad we were before.

Things are going great here. We have a family home evening tonight with our Bishops family and one of the families we are teaching are coming to it so I am pretty excited for that!

Keep having fun in life and always remember the Lord and all the many blessings He has blessed you with. I hope you have a great week back at home.
Love you!
Elder Dinsdale

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