Thursday, February 9, 2017

To the Rescue

Tarawa is going really good. Our families we have found have been good, and we are seeing good things happen.

One of our favorite families is Temwakei and Kuanga.   At first Temwakei was super into lessons and Kuanga wasn't, but now Kuanga is all for lessons.  They still have a lot to work on, but I have a good feeling about them.  A couple of our other families have been really hard getting times with, but we will keep working with them.

Tracking is going pretty good.  We have been finding some less actives and such.  These last few months we have been really trying to get a lot of people at the rescue for the ward.  Last week at church I got pretty strict with all the men in the ward and told them they needed to be coming to them.   We normally only have like 2 ward members with us, but last week we had 10+ people at the rescue!  And yesterday at the church the man and his wife me and this guy from the ward visited came back to church!   He had an issue with the ward that he has never told anybody until we came and visited him, so we were glad he talked to us.   Another less active guy named Ieremia came back to church after a couple visits with him!  It was really good to see him there.

Transfers are going on right now and during this coming week, and I will no longer be working with Elder Parry.  My new companion will be Elder Bonney. His dad I think is in the military and so he is from like all over the world.  I am not sure where he is actually from but I will find out.  He will be coming from Tarawaieta on Wednesday and Elder Parry will be going out to replace him.   Elder Guy from our house is going to Kuria and Elder Lutz is getting a new kid. So our house will be quite different after this new week.

Thank you for sharing Elder Ballard’s talk.  I completely agree with him.  There are so many members of church that are willing to come to church, but they don't read scriptures or pray or pay tithing or do the things they should be doing.   Back home I never really read my scriptures or prayed much, so I am definitely going to live differently when I get home.  It is so important to keep growing your testimony every day.  There are so many things to learn out there that we don't know so we just need to keep studying and learning.  The church is a crazy cool organization that just works out so well.  Too well that it couldn't be run without inspiration from the Lord.  I know it is the true church on the earth. 

You asked what I do for P-Days.  Well, for P-Days I just do whatever.  This morning we woke up at 4 in the morning, did wash and then went to Betio, grabbed Elder Kaibakia who is going to New Zealand to go to the MTC and then to Papua New Guinea to go to his mission and we took him to the airport.  So I have been pretty busy.    Mainly I spend my P-Day doing wash, I clean and email and then we play volleyball or something like that.  If we have any errands to run we do that as well. 

What do we eat is Tarawa?   We eat a lot of chicken on Tarawa, not really anything crazy like my other areas.   
I wish I had some funny story, but I don't.   I have been having a really fun week overall and I am loving missionary work!

I hope you all have a good week.
Elder Dinsdale

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