Sunday, January 29, 2017

Marriage and Families

This week has been going really good!   We had a meeting with the mission president (President Larkin) as zone leaders of the mission.  So that was pretty exciting.  Then we had a big training with all the missionaries in Tarawa. It took a long time but it was good. Elder Parry and I talked about how to deal with issues in a companionship.  I think it went well.

Thanks for your prayers because we have been finding more people to teach!  President Larkin challenged everyone to track 3 hours a week so that was pretty interesting.  We did this and guess what?  We are getting more people so it works.  We started out the week with not as many lessons as I was hoping for but it ended up being a really good week. 

One family we have been teaching is doing really good!  The guy Nawere and his girl Beeua just got married yesterday so that was really awesome!  They should be interviewed for baptism next week and baptized the next so that is just really exciting.  We had dinner last night at Nawere and Beeua’s house and it was a really chill and fun night.  We sang and just talked and it was sweet.

We have gotten a few new families to teach so that is pretty good.  One family Elder Parry and I tracked last week seem pretty awesome. They live by our bishop’s house and they are just a super nice family that I feel like will accept the Gospel so that is pretty sweet.  I feel like they have been prepared by the Lord.  They are just very nice and awesome!!

We also found a family that Carrington had taught in Abaiang so they will hopefully be pretty sweet.  Another family we started teaching are maybe not super interested, but I feel like if we keep working with them and serving them that things will work out.  It is all up to them to work their faith and they will get a testimony. 

I hope Grandpa is doing well after his hip replacement.  I am glad that he and Grandma are healthy.  Here the Kiribati people seem to age quicker.  When they are in their 60's they look much older and have a hard time working or doing anything.  I have noticed that if they have kept the Word of Wisdom though (as most members here do) they look younger and are super healthy.

Well, things are just going good here. It was a really good week over all. 
Thanks for everything.

Loving Banraeaba. (Having fun serving the Lord)

Elder Dinsdale

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