Monday, January 9, 2017

More Baptisms!

 Dang I am missing out on all the snow.  Everyone keeps writing about how bad all the snow is and I just wish I could go out and play in it for a minute.   To let you know what the weather is here it is hot as usual.  It should be rainy season right now but it hasn't even been raining lately so just hot.  I don't know if I have ever seen it that cold before though, that would not be fun.  Do cars have any issue turning on when it is that cold outside? At least Sarah had a party and made good use of the snow day, I never had one of those!!

This week has been a really good week. The first couple of days were busy.  We were taking everybody to the airport or the dock so they could all get back to their outer islands.  Later on we had 3 days of pretty good work teaching.  Our investigators are doing quite well.   Kianteiti got baptized this Saturday!!  I think I told you about Kianteiti.   He is like 56 years old and he is the one that took the longest time gaining a testimony.  But, little by little he gained it and wanted to be baptized.  He truly felt that when he went to church in this religion he felt like he learned things and he felt like things were true.  He said in his old religion he would listen during church and come home and couldn't remember anything.  But in this church he feels like he is actually learning and gaining stuff from church.  It was pretty sweet.  His daughter who just returned from her mission talked at his baptism and our ward mission leader baptized Kianteiti.  It was just super cool!!  Hopefully next Friday we will be having one more investigator get baptized.   We also have been teaching 2 other people that were way close to baptism but they left to Betio.  They should be back soonish so we will see if they are still progressing. 

So how long do you have to wait after someone dies to do their baptism in the temple?   We had a sad thing yesterday when one of our investigators died.  It is pretty sad.  He was a 23ish year old guy who was super solid.  Probably the nicest and most sincere investigator I have ever had.  He was about to be married to his wife in 2 weeks and baptized in 3 weeks.  Then yesterday his heart just stopped when he was sleeping.  I know as sad as it is that the Lord must have something else in store for him.   He is way solid though, so I am not worried for him after this life.  He was doing amazing things in this life and our Father in Heaven will welcome him home. 

Things are going good here in Banraeaba.  I am enjoying life.

Well, that is all I have.  Have a great week!!
Elder Dinsdale

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