Monday, February 27, 2017

I love Kiribati!!

 Before I forget Happy Late Birthday Emily!!

So, I hear that you have been having some crazy weather.  I have seen some pictures of the flooding and it seems like in some places it is way crazy.  I guess the Lord decided to give you some water.   Here in Kiribati it is hot and humid.   It’s the same every day in Kiribati, so the Utah weather seems way awesome to me.  Just having a change of weather would be great!!

Our mission President (President Larkin) just came back last week.  His wife has been really sick and so she has been in Hawaii for the last while and he lost his passport while he was there so he had to go to Australia to get a new one so he just came back.

Things are going really good in Banraeaba.  The work has gone well this week.   Our people are doing well and our ward is doing really good overall.   We had a new couple come to church for their first time yesterday and the lady Kuanga pretty much just cried a bunch at church and I think she felt the spirit, so that was pretty awesome.  Her husband came, but then did nankona right after, so we will keep working with him.   We had 16 members at the rescue this week, which is the most we have ever had so that is really good.   We are also getting some new people as well to teach and they seem really awesome so I am pretty excited

You asked where I thought I would finish my mission (I don’t like to think about that)? Well, I have no idea where I will finish out my mission.  The next transfer is in a few weeks I might move or I could stay one more.   I am pretty sure whatever area I go to next though I will stay in till the last couple weeks of my mission and then I will probably be back in Tarawa.   I guess we will just see what happens.   It is weird how fast time goes while you are doing missionary work.  One thing that I have changed while on my mission is my driving.  Out on my mission I have been trying to drive the speed limit and drive safe so I guess that is a good change.

I love missionary work and serving the people in Kiribati. 

 I hope things are doing really good at home!
Elder Dinsdale

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