Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Gospel is amazing and life is sweet.

So things are going way good here in Tarawa!  Right now I am working in the village of Banraeaba in the Teaoraereke 2nd ward.  We have an actual chapel here which is way nice.  This last week at church we had the most that the ward has had in a long time!  We had 220 people with 9 investigators.  Things are going way good here.  I am serving with Elder Parry who is from Pocatello Idaho.  He is a really chill, obedient missionary so that is really good. He likes singing, playing basketball and soccer.

As zone leaders we teach every day but we are also way busy doing random meetings or other errands or crap like that.  In my zone we have like 15 or 16 Elders/Sisters. The Elders in our zone are doing way legit. It is hard trying to know how to help the Sister missionaries but we are trying our best to help them, they are great too!

This week I got to go pick up some Elders from Abaiang on the speed boat so that was way fun.  We have a nice house, I sleep on a bed and we have a shower. We also have a washing machine. So pretty much I am in Ghetto America. Way fun though.

The Kiribati people still live in very humble houses here but the missionaries house is very nice.  We just had a great investigator get married yesterday to his wife.  We got a cake for them.  A lady in the ward made it.  Let’s just say... it was not that good looking at all. The people show up who are getting married and have a way sad looking cake..  We felt like fools but whatever works.

We have been teaching a lady named Teeti.  She is way smart and cool, but a hardcore Church of Christ member.  She refuses anything but the Bible.  We finally got her to start reading the Book of Mormon.  I just feel so much more peace now.   She asked about baptisms for the dead and we shared a scripture in the Bible about it and she was like, well that scripture contradicts another scripture in the Bible.  Hmmm and she is telling me that the Bible is perfect and is all we need?  We need the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and we need Prophets and apostles or else how are we supposed to know what is going on.  

I just want to let you know how important Prophets and Apostles are.  Most of you already know that, but I just see so many people in so many religions that just don't make sense because all they believe in is the Bible and they don't have any revelation in these days. But it is just awesome that God continues to talk today.

I want you all to know that this gospel is just amazing and just make a ton of sense.  I love the work here.  We have sweet people, a sweet area, and I have a sweet companion.
Well, I wish I could write more, but I will try to write more next week.

Have a good week, love you!
Elder Dinsdale

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