Sunday, December 11, 2016

My pants are getting tighter with all this food!


Things are going good here in Tarawa.  You asked if there were any safety issues in Tarawa.  No worries, everything here is safe.  Just getting sick from food here can be an issue, but I haven't gotten sick really so it is all good.  In fact I feel like I am getting fatter.  My first few weeks I ate a ton every dinner but now I am watching myself a bit.  I could feel my pants getting tighter.  I have never worried about that before on my mission but there is food in Tarawa. 

The whole zone leader thing is good. We just have a meeting every week with the other zone leaders and AP's and Sister training leaders and Senior couples.  We are supposed to go on splits with the Elders in our zone once a transfer but I am not really sure how that all works.   I have not seen President Larkin since I have gotten to Tarawa but he just got here yesterday so hopefully I will see him soon.

I have had a ton of experiences this week so I will share a few with you.  First, Teeti who I talked about last week is doing alright.  She is just way against doing work for the dead or for families being sealed after this life.  She doesn’t believe in it.  We will keep working with her though.  One good thing is her daughter who is around 20 has been sitting in on the lessons and I think she might progress more.  So, that is good.

This week we baptized a great guy who is a singer.  He is actually known around Kiribati for his singing so that is pretty sweet.  He was ready for baptism so that was sweet. 

We have also been teaching a 50 or 60 year old guy named Kianteiti.  He is way solid but he is just having a hard time gaining his testimony.  Kianteiti’s daughter is a return missionary and he will come to church if she takes him but it is difficult for him to go on his own.  He seems to have a pretty good experience at church learning so I feel like he should gain a testimony soon. 

Cool story. We got a call from our bishop one night and there was a guy that needed a blessing. He was just standing there and all of a sudden he fell over and his leg didn't work and he couldn't feel it at all. He couldn't sit up or anything. Elder Lutz and Elder Emor gave him a blessing.  During the blessing I remembered about the time something like that happened to Tom and it ended up being a potassium deffiency.   So I told them to get a couple bananas for him.  Just like 3 minutes later he could lift up his leg.  It was way too early for the bananas to work, it was definitely the blessing.  It was just a way cool experience that Tom’s experience came to me so clearly. 

My mission is awesome and I am so glad that I am serving.  

Have a great week, thanks for all the support.
Elder Dinsdale

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