Sunday, December 18, 2016

Just Another Sunny Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!  Everything is going great in Tarawa.   It will be great to Skype with you this week!!  It will be on December 24th for me and December 23rd for you!!  This week we will be watching the First Presidency Devotional that you all watched a few weeks ago so that should be fun!  In Tarawa there does not seem to be a ton of traditions that people do.  But they still have a lot of parties.  To answer your question about my favorite holiday I would say that Christmas is my favorite holiday but I actually like all the holidays. 
So, things are going really good here.  We had a really busy week since President Larken came to Tarawa for a couple days and we had multiple meetings with him so that was really cool.  For Christmas we are planning on everyone coming in from all the outer islands and a member of the seventy coming, but at the moment we don't know because I guess all of the airplane gas is out on Kiribati.  So unless they get some I don't even know if the Member of the Seventy that was supposed to come will be coming.  I am singing in a quartet with Elders Johnson, Parry and Christensen when he does come though so that should be cool.  We have some pretty good stuff going down.  Some people are doing awesome things; some people are struggling a bit. But overall I feel like the work is definitely improving!

One of our investigators whose name is Seete got married to his member wife Taakoua yesterday and he came to church for his first time. It was awesome! I am hoping he will keep coming because he is a beast!

We taught a lesson to Teeti's Daughter Ruta (who turns out is like 36 or so and not 20) and it was really good.  It was a short lesson and all we talked about was the Book of Mormon a bit and we explained that for all our lessons we want her to ponder them and pray about them.  We taught her and her mom a couple days ago about Word of Wisdom, and that was the first lesson I felt like went really well.  They could both tell it was a good commandment.  We will keep working with them and I really hope they will change their lives.  They would both be awesome members!

Well, the temperatures here are still hot, but in our house I get cold sometimes using air conditioning. I will try not to get used to this life though because in a few more months I am sure I will be back living on an outer island.

Things are going good here. A way cool scripture I heard in Church yesterday; It is in Samuel.  It talks about how obedience is more important than sacrifice.  I feel like this story has many applications to us in these days.  Obedience is the key.  The scriptures are just awesome and the Lord has many mysterious ways of accomplishing his work. 

Thanks for all the love and support out here on the mission. I am very glad for how you and mom raised me and I am very grateful for your example to me of always working hard and being very humble about it.

Things are going really good here!
Love you all

Elder Dinsdale


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