Sunday, December 20, 2015

God Answers Prayers

   So yeah I still have not received any packages. We will see what ends up happening though.  Hopefully I get them sometime. 
 I am glad that Thomas could come home for a bit so Sarah can have somebody to chill with.  Sounds like the Peak Christmas party went well.  I won’t miss the one in 2017.  I definitely want to go. 
Congratulations Lindsay on your mission call!!  I guessed right that you were going to Germany, Elder Johnson is my witness.  You will be a legit missionary.  I am so happy for you!!

Here are a few experiences from London this week. 

We were supposed to have a baptism for this next Saturday but she slept in and didn't come to church. The 2nd of January though we should be having a 3 person baptism.

Well, another lady passed away. That's not the experience but we visited there for a bit. A random old person there wanted the Catholics to be in charge so we didn't do much we just visited for a minute. It is good when we visit and bring comfort though. 

The experience that I have for today is about testimonies. We gave this girl (her name is Kabwebwea)  the practice interview for baptism she failed.  She said she didn't yet have her testimony of our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. We explained that we really just put our faith in God and then we pray about it. So she did as we asked, and when we had our next lesson with her she said she believed in him. All we have to do is pretty much just pray about our question asking in faith and we will receive the answer.  God answers prayers.

 Sorry don't have much more time but that was just something cool I wanted to share.

Remember Christ in this Christmas Season. 
Keep doing good things

Elder Dinsdale

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