Monday, December 7, 2015

Cold Drinks!

   That is great you got the Christmas lights up!  Did you put up that star on the cement?  That is probably my favorite to see when I would come home at nights and such.

So my new area London is cool, a lot more people and the houses are closer together and such. London is probably the richest area that I have seen in all of Kiribati I would have to say. Not at all rich compared to America, but for Kiribati it is pretty good. The roads are always flooded with the rain so that doesn't agree with my socks when I ride through 1 to 2 feet of deep water on my bike. We live in what is known as the Hot House but it isn’t too bad.  I did some serious cleaning to this new house in London when I got here and it is pretty good now. It is less biking here than in Banana so I am going to have to start working out more so I can stay in shape There are some good members here and some good investigators, but we have the smallest branch in Kiritimati.  My goal is to change that.   

My new companion Elder Johnson is good.  We are getting a lot of work done.  We have some good investigators that we are working with.  I don’t know all of them well yet but that will come.  I have noticed that a lot of them don’t want to come to church.  The biggest issue here I would probably have to say is the Word of Wisdom. A lot of bars for alcohol and a drink called nankona or whatever it is. That is one of the things against the WOW here and it isn't good.  Our place for church is in a little building that is pretty decent, but super small. We definitely need ourselves a bigger building. 

We have had some opposition in London. People from the Catholic Church haven't been too happy with us and from the Seventh Day Adventist church.  They keep trying to bible bash with us so we just always leave or listen and then leave. We are working hard and will get more going here though it just might take a while.  We taught a decent amount last week but this week should be even better.  We have 1 new investigator with 9 referrals so that is good.  

The language is coming along good. I can get through most things now speaking Kiribati, my only issue on occasion is that I have trouble understanding what people are saying. But I am getting better every day so things are good.  We don’t have any baptisms scheduled in the next week, but hopefully 2 or 3 investigators will be ready soon.  One of the greatest things about London is that some people have cold drinks so that is chill!!  Yes it is still HOT here.

You asked if people here travel to other places (Fiji).  So, almost everybody here stays where they are and they don’t leave the Island unless they are going to school or to the Temple but that is not very often.

You asked if we ate Thanksgiving dinner with an American member.  No, he is a great man but there are no Americans here.  Well, I guess there are a few of us.

So as far as my vitamins go I brought some of them to Christmas but now a bunch look funny so I don't take too many. But I eat pretty well here... I will start taking them again.

I still haven’t received any packages.  You said that one was supposed to be delivered on November 5th but I have not got it yet.  Please send me the tracking number and I will ask around.

I will end with my Testimony.   It will be in Kiribati though because that is how I always bear it.  Sorry you can’t understand it. 

I ataia bwa ngkana ti kataia ni katoa bong n rairinanora Te Atua na anganira kabwaran ara bure rinanon Ana mwakuri ni kamaiu Iesu Kristo. I ataia bwa ngkana ti karoia te bwai te burabeti e a tia n tuangira bwa ti na karekea te kakabwaia aika mwaiti.

I know Jesus is our Savior.
Elder Dinsdale

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