Sunday, May 7, 2017

I'm off to Tabiteuea!!

This week has been great and tomorrow I leave to Tabiteuea but we will only be there a couple days.  We are flying to Tab South but we are going to try and hop off the plane at Tab North and we will boat down to Tab South.  We are going to help the missionaries out there as well as help find out if 2 branches (one in Tekaman and one in Tab south)  will be able to be set up out there.  It will be sweet to go there again. 

This week we have been working with the second councilor in the mission presidency who is Kiribati to help us go out and set up branches on the different outer islands.  So in the next couple months we hope to have 10 or more branches set up that are new in Kiribati.  I am pretty excited to help out with this. 

We have been really busy with AP duties so sometimes we only have an hour or two each day to teach but occasionally we have full days of teaching time so that is really nice.  We still teach Tourakai and he is doing pretty good.  He fell back into smoking and has been having a really hard time quitting so we are helping him out with it.  His dad is getting better though little by little so we think he should be good.

Funny story: Elder Shumway came and woke me up this morning and the house was flooding. So that was exciting.  We turned off the water and then we spent about 30 or so minutes trying to get rid of all the water.  Not sure what happened but all it good now.

The best thing this week was that at church yesterday we had over 30 Melchizedek Priesthood holders at church!!  Hopefully this will help our wards and we will soon be ready to split.  We also had a lady come to church with her husband.  She has never come before to church but she came and loved it so that was way sweet.   

So for Mother's Day I actually decided since I am coming home so soon it would be better to just talk to you when I get home and so I won't be Skyping. Ha just kidding yeah we will be Skyping sometime Mother's day!!

Have a good week; keep doing great things with your life!

Elder Dinsdale 

PS  Elder and Sister Jenks just came home and should have pictures and letters that I sent with them!!

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