Monday, September 5, 2016

Kiribati is the best!!

Home Sweet Home in Tab South

I am loving life here right now in Tab North.  Elder Pratt is way sweet.
He is improving a bunch in the language and we get along really well.  He knows a lot about the gospel so that is really good. I will probably be with him the next 2 or 3 months but we will see. We have been in Tab North for 2 weeks and things have been quite good. 

We took a canoe sail boat ride to Tab North this time.  It took 12 hours to get here.  Soooo.... You know how good of pictures I have been taking?? Well you see... I would love to keep taking them, if I might not have possibly dropped my camera in salt water.. So... It doesn't work anymore and my SD card is unreadable...So... Is there a warranty? If there is not you should just get into my bank account and get me a camera just like the one I had. I was actually getting some way amazing pictures of the last couple weeks and now they are all gone. But if you could send that as fast as you could that would be awesome. Sorry about that I really did take good care of it, it was just on the canoe sail boat ride to Tab North that it happened. I had it in a basket and our guide man stepped on the basket and it fell to the bottom of the boat that had water in it. I tried to dry it out and stuff but it didn't work.

We have been eating in Tab North, food is always good and my favorite is definitely Sea Turtle.  Last week the internet was down so that is why we couldn’t email.

So here is a little information about Tab South.  I love Tab South it is quite fun. We head back down there tomorrow so things should hopefully still be good.   We will take another 12 hour canoe sail boat ride to get there.

We definitely teach some sketchy people here. People come to church with smokes and almost every single person you meet has tattoos and just a bunch of stuff. But God loves them all.

So some stories for you, we went to a KUC (Kiribati United Church) ministers wedding. We got invited and it is like culture to go. We left pretty early from it because we still wanted to get work done and such. There was tons of food and dances done by people and just a bunch of crazy stuff. It was nice because they respected us a ton though and it was cool to be there.

We have a great investigator. His name is Karakiteua. He is really old but a beast. We taught him about the word of wisdom and that he would need to quit smoking and drinking tea and he did. The only thing was he wouldn't come to church. But now Karakiteua has been two weeks in a row and this last week he was there 2 hours early for church and he walked there. He is a way legit guy, he has crazy strong faith. One thing that I like about Karakitura is that he doesn't ask why we should do all these things or argue, he just does them, once we explain to him that they are God's commandments. I love to see people change their lives and follow Christ.

We have another way smart investigator named Terikaua but he is just always way busy with stuff. We are working with him though. His wife is endowed and so I hope he will stop being shy with church and just come.

Things are going great. It is a challenge with the whole switching up every two weeks and we don’t have a ton of investigators.  But we are still getting stuff done. I am definitely trying to keep a good journal. This mission has been an amazing experience. I am way committed to be an amazing member when I get home.

I am way healthy so don't worry. I would like some more sunglasses please. And just like food if you send a package. Ask Elder Carrington what good food to send. My shoes and clothes are all way good. I will probably bring food down
to Tab South this time from Tab North. Last time we didn't have any food to bring. We will try this time.

Sea turtle meals in Tab North are the best, Kiribati is the best.
Yeah just thought I would say that.

Love you
Elder Dinsdale 

One of the sail boats

Our house in Tab North!!!  We have beds!!

Open water

Sea Worms!! Delicious

Loving my mission

Food is food!!

Teaching with Carrington

No need to explain

Looks like a fire!!


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