Monday, September 26, 2016

Clean it good or you will die!!!


 So how is life? Things are going really good here.

While we were in Tab South things were going awesome!  A ton of new people in Tab South and now I am back  in Tab North we have been working to get new people but with not a ton of success but it works just fine.  We still have a bunch of people to teach so that is sweet!

The weather here has been hot and dry but that is ok with me.  People here are way blessed weather wise.  There are not hurricanes.  If a hurricane were to hit here everyone would die. The land is too small to survive anything.  People here don’t have any food storage either.   Some people have boats for fishing and little canoe type boats  but  they don’t have life rafts or life jackets.   The only thing that ever happens in Kiribati is that it just rains a bunch. But here in Tab it doesn't rain very often at all... It is just hot all the time. I would rather have it be hot though than for it to be raining and me to be soaking wet biking around.

Here is an interesting experience we had.  On Monday morning at about 12:30 am we got up and went and collected a half a bucket of hermit crabs for a couple hours in the middle of the forest. Then, once we had them we went back to bed.  When we woke up the next morning on P-day, we went fishing with them. I caught a couple fish.  The one that was the coolest was a blow fish!!   It was pretty sweet!!  Everyone said that if you don't clean it out right and you eat it then you will die. Well… I am not dead so I guess the lady that cooked it for us cleaned it good.  Just to let you know blow fish just tastes like regular fish it was delicious.

I had a great experience that I will tell you about. We have a way sick investigator named Karakiteua.  He is the greatest, but has a way hard time praying.  It was like he couldn’t pray at all. We have had him try tons of times and his mind just blanks and he says nothing the entire prayer and then closes the prayer. I felt like we should have him try one more time though and as he was trying to pray I was praying way hard that he could say a prayer. He finally said his first prayer all by himself!!  He pretty much just said  “Our Heavenly Father, we ask thee that thou wilt love us, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.”     It was way sweet and the spirit was so strong. I definitely felt like God had answered my prayer to help him pray.

We have heard that we may be getting some more missionaries in October so that will be good.  It is hard to teach for only 2 weeks and then leave for 2 weeks.  We will be going to Tab South in 2 weeks, but after that new Elders should be heading down there. Nothing is confirmed but it should be happening in October and I think Elder Pratt and I should be staying in Tab North after we get back from Tab South.  You asked if we bring all our belongs when we go back and forth and the answer is yes.  We bring all our belongings with us each time we go.  We took a boat again.  A plane is 10 dollars cheaper but we choose what day we leave on the boat.  A plane you go when they go. 

 I will definitely miss Tab South if I end up in Tab North but I miss whatever area I am not in and that is just a part of the mission. 

I will await the package,  I am looking forward to a camera again.  Just send whatever your heart desires.  I should have internet next week so I will email again.

Well, thanks for all the support and such.

Love you,
Elder Dinsdale


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