Sunday, June 19, 2016

I love Tabiteuea!!! Even my forest friend!!

   Well, we are still here in Tab North and it is great.  Are you really sending new shoes?  Thanks, if you want you can send more drink mixes and snack foods would be good as well.

Is there a big difference between Tab north and Tab South?
Tab north is way different from Tab South.  In Tab North there are probably like 5 or so people on the island that have cars which is actually a lot.  There are also a lot of motorcycles and bikes and such. There are some good stores as well here. The church at Tab North has been here a while. There are also 2 Branches and 2 Units. We currently live in the missionary’s house and so it is pretty nice. I have a bed so that is sweet.

Down in Tab South missionaries just got there last year so the church is just starting up down there. In Tab North it is a lot more organized. Our Branch president in the city where we live is sweet. He has served a mission and works hard so he actually knows what he is doing. (This is rare for all the areas I have served.)

How are the people there?
The people here are awesome!  There are a lot of teenagers wandering around.  In Tab North they seem to like to joke with the missionaries when we bike around which is different from Tab South.  I feel like we have a lot more respect down South. I am loving it here though!  Great people, great work and it is awesome!

How is the weather?
It is quite hot here. It doesn't really rain much, and if it does it is only for a few minutes and it stops. It has been like that for over a month. So quite dry but still really humid.

What do they grow there?
They grow coconuts, pumpkins, and mai (breadfruit) and just the usual Kiribati stuff.

How do you like Tabiteuea North?
Pretty much Tabiteuea is a freaking awesome place. It is a huge area that Carrington and I are working, but it is way sweet. 

Do you have any funny stories?
Funny story at least I feel like it is funny. So people ask what your talents are here. I have been telling people that in my village (home) when you turn 18 you take up your sword and your bow and arrow and you travel into the mountains and slay yourself a dragon. And that is how you prove you are a man. It is pretty funny because a lot of people believe me. People here see movies and think that is how things really are since they haven't ever seen anything but the ocean and coconut trees. This place is pretty sweet!!

Another story that I thought was funny but has to do with when I was not feeling too well one night… I will tell you though because I thought it was funny. So, I was getting sick the other day and it just hit me fast. I was in my house in the middle of the forest and I hopped off the stick house and ran into the forest to go to the bathroom. As I am using leaves to wipe a mentally challenged guy walks up to me in the middle of the forest. I am trying to get him to leave and I am explaining to him that I am pooping but he just said that it was all good. After a while I finally convinced him to leave. But it was pretty funny and quite odd at the same time.

Are you sick often?
No I am not sick often. That was the first time in a few months. And I am healthier now.  I have used my oils a few times that you sent me but Elder Carrington uses his all the time.

Do you have any other cool stories?
Another thing I forgot to mention is that when I was on the boat on the way here to Tab North I saw sea turtles and sting rays swimming in the ocean next to the boat. It was awesome! We also fished on the way here and got some sweet fish!

Do you have any missionary experiences that you want to share?
We taught a guy yesterday about the Word of Wisdom.  He has some issues with this as do a lot of the people here. He just admitted though that these things really do have control over his live.  He also said if he has a craving for something it just drives him crazy till he can get that thing.
I want you all to know that Satan wants us to need the things on the earth. The Lord tells us not to be tied down to things on the earth but to only be tied to the truth and to Him.

Are you glad that you are on a mission?
I have no regrets being out here. Serving the Lord is the best thing that I can be doing with my life right now so I am very happy to be doing it.

The internet is turning off so have a great week!
Elder Dinsdale

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